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Hermetic Encapsulation

Encapsulation Technology Customized Encapsulation Technology for your Implant CorTec is offering a wide spectrum of services accompanying you all the way through the development of innovative technologies leading to an approved medical device in the end. Our CorTec Encapsulation Technologies enable us to develop customized solutions for your specific requirements. We offer hermetically sealed encapsulations …

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Transatlantic forces join to empower neuroscience and neurotechnology

Blackrock Neurotech and CorTec are now collaboration partners CorTec GmbH (CorTec) and Blackrock Neurotech, LLC announced today that they have entered into a transatlantic strategic partnership, combining Blackrock Neurotech’s industry-leading experience in delivering brain computer interface (BCI) systems with CorTec’s portfolio of cutting-edge neurodevices to accelerate access to researchers, open new markets, and expand applications …

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Application Software

Application Software The application software runs on a Microsoft Windows 10 computer and represents the interface between the user and the complete system comprising external unit and multi-part implant. Information The application software provides a graphical user interface. Additionally, it can visualize implant status data such as impedances, humidity and temperature inside the hermetic encapsulation. …

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Multi-Part Implant

Multi-Part Implant The Multi-Part Implant comprises Implanted Internal Electronics Unit and 1 or 2 ECoG electrodes plus one optional ground (GND) electrode contact. Information Electrodes Similar to CorTec’s FDA cleared °AirRay Cortical Electrode all electrodes based on the °AirRay electrode technology are capable of recording and stimulating brain activity. Produced in a proprietary laser manufacturing process, °AirRay electrodes are …

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Thinking. Ahead. In Neurotechnology. We create new ways of communication between electrical signals of the body and modern information technology. Our technology and products enable you to develop new therapies. Get to know us! We are proud to present our strong network of partners and our team at CorTec to you in a new way. …

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Our Solutions to your Challenges

In the Solutions section on our website you can find information about our products and services at any time. Whether as a researcher, clinician or in industry – we offer you innovative solutions to your challenges.

Active Implant Technology

Based on our technological competences we are providing solutions for the most innovative therapies of tomorrow already today – starting from single components right up to full active systems. On the three linked pages below you will get an overview of our complete system technology, the CorTec Brain Interchange, as well as its single components …

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Services and Testing

Our Service CorTec stands for cutting-edge technology for the next generation of active implants. We provide products and services  to enable the communication with the brain or other parts of the nervous system.  With our strong expertise in engineering and electrophysiology we support every step on the way to your implant – from your idea …

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CorTec Is Partnering Up With Industry and Research

Dear Neurotech Community, we are happy to announce that CorTec has decided to provide our Brain Interchange technology to support the development of new neurotheraputical applications. The development of new approaches in neurotherapy has increasingly taken up speed in the past 3 years. CorTec seizes the opportunity of this positive trend to partner up with …

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