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As a medical engineering company, we comply with important ethical principles.

We have set ourselves a clear mission:
It is our goal to develop innovations and make technological progress for the benefit of the patients.

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CorTec is a young medical engineering company focused on enabling the communication between the nervous system and technology. As innovation leader in the field of neurotechnology we support with our solutions the development of new therapies which are based on the patients’ needs.

The special strength of our developmental work lies in its holistic approach. Our technology is built upon one single thought – from the basic idea up to its subsequent therapeutic use. This way, we realize technological innovations for the development of new therapies, rehabilitative and assistive technologies that cannot be achieved using conventional methods.

CorTec is a limited liability company that was founded in Freiburg in September 2010. The company is currently located at the University of Freiburg’s Airport Campus. In summer of 2018 CorTec will move into new premises closeby including own clean room facilities. Thus, a continued growth of the company is ensured as well as the existing interconnection with science and research.