CorTec Brain Interchange

Our therapeutic concept is based on our closed-loop technology CorTec Brain Interchange.

This highly efficient responsive system is a neurotechnological novelty, facilitating many innovative approaches in therapy and research.

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cortec-neurologieNeuroprosthetics is still a young branch of medical engineering. Neuroprosthetic devices establish a connection to the nerves and the brain, using this connection for therapeutic means.

The first successful products on the market include, for instance, the cochlear implant for hearing-impaired persons or the deep brain stimulator for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.


The neurotechnological approach assumes that previously lost bodily functions can be restored or bridged by the recording and evaluation of neuronal activity or by stimulation of neural cells.


This can be used to treat the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, epilepsy or chronic pain. Furthermore, the characteristic patterns of brain activity can be deployed specifically for the generation of control signals for assistive devices such as wheelchairs, computers, etc.

Further Development

The future will belong to systems that operate in the same way as the CorTec Brain Interchange technology: systems that can both record and stimulate brain activity. They work demand-orientated and open up an even wider range of possible therapies.


The benefits of a neurotechnological treatment are the comparably few side effects. Additionally, and in contrast to pharmaceuticals, the expenses for therapy usually have to be paid only once.