CorTec Brain Interchange

Our closed-loop technology CorTec Brain Interchange is the basis of our therapeutic concept. The highly efficient responsive system is a neurotechnological novelty, opening up many innovative approaches in therapy and research.

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Neurotherapy is a highly promising approach that is able to achieve increasingly important successes within medical research. It utilizes neuroprosthetic devices and opens up new paths in the treatment of a multitude of diseases.

For several indications there are already very successful products available on the market.


The so-called ‘brain pacemaker’ sends electrical stimulation impulses to the brain. This way, tremors from Parkinson’s disease may be alleviated. In a similar manner, neuroprosthetic systems detect when a seizure is imminent for an epilepsy patient. To prevent seizures the system also sends stimulation impulses to the brain.


The benefits of neurotechnological treatment are the comparably few side effects. Additionally, and in contrast to pharmaceuticals, the expenses for therapy usually have to be paid only once.


In contrast to conventional forms of neurotherapy, the CorTec Brain Interchange technology allows for on-demand treatment. The system determines the need for therapy from large amounts of data and reacts accordingly. This enables more precise and gentle treatments, completely adjusted to the patient’s needs.