Panel Discussion “Cyborg: When Man Meets Machine”

Berlin, Germany / Experience Lab

Communication between the brain and artificial intelligence systems has the potential to revolutionize any business model based on direct human contact.

Invited to the panel of the event taking place on May 8 of 2018 at 7 p.m. are Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maaß (Scientific Director Smart Service Engineering at the German Research Center for Artificial  Intelligence, DFKI), Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz (Scientific Director Eingebettete Intelligenz at DFKI), the cyborg and publicist Enno Park as well as CorTec CEO Dr. Jörn Rickert.

The panel will discuss the potentials and risks of this development, how it might affect our future everyday life, and whether it is possible to detect a cyborg on the street.

Space at the Experience Lab is limited to 60 participants. The Discussion will be broadcasted live.

More information about the event and registration