CorTec Brain Interchange


CorTec Brain Interchange is an implantable technology that records and stimulates brain activity in long-term use.

CorTec Brain Interchange controls itself: The system records the brain’s activity and thus the effect of its stimulation. It then aligns its further activities with the recorded data.

Neurotechnological implants currently available on the market work via externally controlled continuous stimulation of the brain. CorTec Brain Interchange determines the respective therapeutic demand in direct communication with the brain and thus allows for more gentle treatment.


CorTec Brain Interchange consists of 3 components:

  1. a multi-channel electrode on the brain surface, connected to
  2. an intelligent implant that communicates via the skin with
  3. a software that processes the recorded data and controls the application.

Similar to a cochlear implant, the electrode and the internal control unit of the system are implanted. The user wears a small connection unit on the outside; the example shows it placed behind the ear. This unit is connected to the control system that centrally monitors and coordinates all activities.

Key Aspects of Innovation

  • responsive system: therapy adjusted to current need
  • does not permeate the cerebral tissue: no scarring, advantageous for long-term treatment
  • no batteries: energy supply via induction
  • choice of material & finish made to last: high life span of the system