Innovation for Therapy

You are the persons most involved with our technology in your everyday life. It is therefore very important for us to provide you with adequate information.

On the following pages you can learn more about the respective diseases, about previous treatment options, and about CorTec’s therapeutic approach. We will provide you with basic information about the way the CorTec Brain Interchange technology works and we will present you with our clinical studies.



CorTec’s technology primarily addresses neurological diseases.

We concentrate on certain areas of therapy to obtain the optimal treatment results for you.

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CorTec Brain Interchange

CorTec Brain Interchange is the basis of our innovative therapeutic approach.

We have developed a novel implant technology that identifies the current need for treatment at a time and works in adjustment to this need.

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Clinical Studies

Our mission is to ensure our technology’s functionality and safety for the benefit of its users.

After thorough preliminary examination we are preparing practical application studies in cooperation with our clinical partners.

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Do you have further questions regarding our technology and its capabilities? Are you interested in neurotechnological treatment?

Please find answers and additional information on the following page.

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