cortec-007Focusing on the Brain

The human brain consists of a highly complex network of about 100 billion neurons. It controls the central activities of our body as well as both our conscious and unconscious perceptions.

When communicating with each other, the neurons produce measurable electrical discharges. These signals occur in certain patterns. They can therefore be used to draw conclusions about the deeper mechanisms of brain activity.

Brain Activity as the Key to Therapy

Movements, even only imagined ones, produce characteristic patterns that can be seen in the brain’s signals. The signals of recorded brain activity also show how epileptic seizures are built up and proceed. On the other hand, the activity of the brain can also be affected by stimulation pulses from the outside.

This is the starting point for neurotherapy. It utilizes the ability to treat certain diseases by stimulating the brain and, furthermore, it can deploy certain patterns of brain signals to control its applications.