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Which diseases can be treated with the help of CorTec’s innovative technology?

CorTec’s technology primarily addresses neurological diseases.

CorTec’s electrode aids clinical diagnostics in the surgical treatment of epilepsy and brain tumors.

The implantable system, based on our Brain Interchange technology, is suitable for a multitude of therapies as well as for rehabilitation and assistive technologies. We are currently developing a system that will allow severely paralyzed persons to control assistive devices.

Please refer to Applications for further information

Which side effects can occur during therapy with neurotechnological implants?

According to the experience to date, hardly any side effects are caused by neurotechnological implants.

Compared to pharmaceuticals, they have very few side effects. However, in rare cases slight problems regarding motor or sensory skills may occur. Few patients also report mood changes.

These effects disappear as soon as the stimulation is turned off. In most cases, better adjustment of the system can minimize the side effects.

Where can I learn more about CorTec’s developmental work?

CorTec develops an implantable system for the recording and stimulation of brain activity.

The outstanding feature of CorTec’s Brain Interchange technology is its responsive character: The system controls itself via the feedback from the brain.

Please refer to CorTec Brain Interchange for more information about the technology’s functionality

Does CorTec plan to conduct clinical studies?

Our implant system is currently undergoing an evaluation phase.

As soon as this phase is completed and the safety of our technology is proven, we plan to conduct clinical trials. The operational experience will ensure the system’s effectiveness for us and its future users.

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How can I get in touch with CorTec?

We are pleased to answer any questions you might have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about our technology, our company or future clinical studies.

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