Innovation for Technology

As users, you are among the first to be in touch with our technology. We are working according to the highest quality standards to provide you with optimized products.

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to the background of the CorTec Brain Interchange technology. You can learn more about its range of applications – in clinical as well as scientific scenarios. We will also provide information on our own research and development projects.

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Whether for short-term or long-term use – we provide the ideal solution for clinicians and researchers.

Our °AirRay electrode is available in various ready-made models or in individual designs.

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CorTec Brain Interchange

Our therapeutic concept is based on our closed-loop technology CorTec Brain Interchange.

This highly efficient responsive system is a neurotechnological novelty, facilitating many innovative approaches in therapy and research.

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Clinical Indications

CorTec’s technology primarily addresses neurological diseases and their symptoms.

Our developmental work at the moment focuses on several clinical applications that we are currently planning to address first.

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CorTec Research & Development

Research and development remain important factors of success for our work.

In a strong network with our partners we are working on further improvements of our technology and its applications.

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