CorTec Brain Interchange

Clinical Indications

With the help of CorTec’s technology neurological diseases and their symptoms can be adressed.

Several clinical applications can be supported by the Brain Interchange system.

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Brain Interchange research

Please contact us, if you have questions regarding neuroscientific research with the Brain Interchange technology.


CorTec Brain Interchange is an implantable technology that records and stimulates brain activity chronically for long-term use.

As a closed-loop system, CorTec Brain Interchange can control neurostimulation online based on brain activity recorded simultaneously.

Whereas neurotechnological implants currently available on the market work by applying a fixed continuous stimulation to the brain, CorTec Brain Interchange determines therapeutic demand from direct communication with the brain – thus allowing more gentle and effective treatment.

CorTec Brain Interchange also allows new applications for research, such as the control of external devices for prosthetic control or diagnostics.



CorTec Brain Interchange consists of 3 components:

1. An intelligent implant consisting of
a. multi-channel electrodes for the recording and stimulation of brain activity: these could be either our own high-resolution micro-ECoG electrodes for the brain surface or wire/depth electrodes.

The electrodes are connected to
b. a hermetically encapsulated electronics unit that receives and digitizes brain signals recorded by the electrodes. It also generates electrical pulses, sending them through the electrodes for stimulation on the brain surface.

In active use, the implant communicates through optical signals with
2. a telemetric unit, sitting on the skin opposite of the encapsulated electronics unit. It takes control of the optical communication with the implant and supplies the implant with energy via electromagnetic charge induction.

Either wirelessly or via a USB cable, the telemetric unit communicates with
3. an adaptive, portable software that analyzes and processes the recorded brain signals in near real-time to determine the patient’s current therapeutic need for stimulation, or to deliver signals to the outside both for diagnostic purposes and device control.

Similar to the cochlear implant, some parts of the system are implanted: depending on the application, the high-density foil electrode covers different areas of the sensory and the motor cortex. It is connected to the inner control unit which can be placed subcutaneously, e.g., behind the patient’s ear. On the outside, the user wears a small connection unit. This connection unit is linked to the application’s central control system and transfers data as well as energy.


CorTec Brain Interchange – Key Aspects of Innovation

  • Closed-loop system: therapy adjusted to current need
  • High number of channels: large database
  • Does not permeate the cerebral tissue: no scarring, advantageous for long-term treatment
  • No batteries: energy supply via induction
  • Choice of material and finish made to last: high operational life span