Brain Tumor

CorTec supports operative treatment of brain tumors with °AirRay, an electrode for clinical diagnostics.

Our product range includes strip and grid electrodes in various designs and contact sizes.

Selection of Patients

Suitable candidates for operative treatment are generally patients who have been diagnosed with an extensive tumor in a surgically well accessible location.

If the tumor verges on functional brain regions extensive brain mapping may be advisable before its removal. Brain mapping may be performed intraoperatively or over a period of several days.

CorTec's Therapeutic Approach

With the °AirRay product family – strip and grid electrodes from our in-house production – CorTec focuses on invasive diagnostics, either intraoperatively or over a period of several days.

Our goal is alleviation for patients. This is why our electrodes are particularly thin and flexible, requiring only a small number cables for the protection of cerebral tissue and to prevent complications.

Safety of the patients is of the utmost importance to us. Electrode contacts safely interlock with the electrode material, preventing their separation from the silicone.


With °AirRay, CorTec will shortly be offering a CE-certified assortment of strip and grid electrodes for clinical diagnostics and research.

Due to our special laser-based manufacturing process we are producing an electrode that adjusts well to the situational conditions and provides additional safety for the patient.

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