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CorTec maintains active relations with scientific researchers. Together with our academic and industrial partners we advance our technology and its applications.

We have developed tools for our own research & development projects that we now want to make accessible to other researchers.

Now Available: °AirRay for Science and Research

°AirRay is the newly developed ECoG foil electrode by CorTec.

Using a highly precise laser manufacturing process we are producing a thin and flexible electrode in many different outlines with micro-contacts in various sizes, shapes, and arrangements.

To meet the special requirements of individual scientific interests we create customer-specific designs. These are compatible to various connection systems. °AirRay is also available with Multi Channel Systems wireless headstages.

As a complete innovation, we also offer °AirRay in novel 3D designs that can record and stimulate on the cortex as well as in the sulcus.

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Forthcoming: CE-certified Foil Electrode for Neuroscientific Research

Connected to an external amplifier or stimulator, °AirRay records and stimulates cortical activity in clinical use for up to 30 days.

°AirRay is unique because of the special laser manufacturing process that allows us to add micro-contacts in different sizes without affecting the electrode’s flexibility.

°AirRay is available in many different designs – from the smallest micro-version up the standard grid with 8×8 contacts plus additional micro-contacts.

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The Second Step: CorTec Brain Interchange for Research Applications

Soon we will be releasing our Brain Interchange technology for research purposes. This implantable system records and stimulates brain activity in medium and long-term use.

Both implant and corresponding software can be adjusted to individual projects according to specific research interests.

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