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°AirRay Cortical Electrode – Quality for Clinical Diagnostics and Research

°AirRay Cortical Electrode is CorTec’s ECoG electrode for invasive neuromonitoring. It is designed for the recording and stimulation of brain activity from the cortical surface. Monitoring of electrical brain signals supports e.g. the localization of epileptogenic foci or brain mapping. The electrode may be used for a maximum of up to 29 days.

°AirRay Cortical Electrode – Soft, Thin, and Flexible Material Structure

Due to CorTec’s special laser manufacturing process, °AirRay Cortical Electrode is very soft, thin, and flexible and adjust well to the brain’s curvature. Additionally, °AirRay Cortical Electrode requires only a small number of electrode cables. A number of 64 electrode contacts, for instance, can be connected via only two cables.

°AirRay Cortical Electrode – Safety for the Patient

Health and well-being of the patient are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we greatly emphasize safe electrode design. °AirRay Cortical Electrodehas an even surface; individual electrode contacts are almost impalpable and safely interlock with the material to prevent their separation from the silicone.

°AirRay Cortical Electrode is in the process of FDA approval.