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Individual Solutions for Optimal Flexibility

Our °AirRay laser manufacturing technology allows us to produce electrodes in any geometrical shapes and arrangements.

We are happy to provide you with customized solutions for your specific research projects.

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Technical Specifications

The following table provides a brief overview of our °AirRay electrode technology:

Mechanical Properties

Adjustment of thickness and flexibility

Adaptation of contact density and functionality

Integration of microfluidic channels and ports

Grid Thickness 80 µm to 100 µm
Minimum Contact Spacing down to 80 µm
Minimum Contact Diameter down to 50 µm
Contact Shapes round, rectangular or arbitrary
Design geometry maximum 90 mm x 90 mm
Materials for Contacts/Leads Platinum
Platinum-Iridium (90/10)
others available upon request
Coating Platinum Black
Sputtered Iridium Oxide (SIROF)
others available upon request
Connectivity Options various options for connectors and cables