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One single nerve – many different movements!

Functional electrical stimulation of motor nerves or muscles has been used for decades to restore movements in paralyzed patients who suffered a spinal cord injury, for example. The idea is based on the seminal findings by Luigi Galvani in the 18th century. He could induce movements in frog legs when exposing them to electric voltages – at the time, provided by naturally occurring lightning or simple “batteries” made up of different metals.



Innovative neurotherapies urgently needed –

Is neurotechnology the solution?

We live in difficult times for our health. Not only the emergence of new diseases has just made this very clear to us. Also many known diseases cannot be treated sufficiently. In addition, the ageing of society poses new challenges to healthcare, while the development of new pharmaceuticals is stagnating. Solutions can emerge from novel approaches such as neurotechnology and bioelectronic medicine.



Neuronal decoding of decreased blood sugar levels: A first step towards closed-loop bioelectronic diabetes treatment

A central vision of bioelectronic medicine is to find ways to regulate body states through electric interactions with the nervous system rather than through administration of pharmaceuticals. Diabetes is one of the first major targets for this novel approach: Even the most advanced existing pharmaceutical therapies are still error-prone and complicated, often leaving patients with unsatisfactory therapeutic results and with frequent harmful episodes.



CorTec °AirRay Cuff Electrodes – Whitepaper

Some time ago we published a Whitepaper for the use of our °AirRay Cuff Electrodes. Not only gives it useful insights about choosing the right Cuff for your specific application but also provides a lot of intel about the tricks in using them.



Tutorial – How to Unbox Your Electrodes

With a thickness down to 0.08 mm our °AirRay Electrode Technology offers refined products for your application. Depending on the design you choose for your specific application the electrode can be very delicate in its structure which you should consider when handling.

The first step to a successful use is unboxing your electrodes. In a short video our expert for grid electrodes, Miguel Ulloa, demonstrates how to remove the electrode from the box without damaging its fine structures.

Click here to watch the video.

For more information on our electrode technology please visit our Solutions Page.
Do you need inspiration for your specific application? Explore or established designs or reach out to us with your custom design request.


Electrodes Tailored to your Application: Adjustable Degrees of Flexibility

Our °AirRay Electrode Technology allows us to manufacture electrodes that are tailored to your specific needs. The degree of flexibility of the electrodes plays an important role for many applications.



Wireless Neuromodulation with CorTec Cuff Electrodes and novel ‘Electroparticles’

One of the major sources for complications in chronic neuromodulation are the wires connecting the different parts of the systems, or even penetrating the skin. They account for frequent device failures due to wire breaks and, especially when penetrating the skin, are a permanent risk of tissue irritations or infections.



Join us in the Lab: Tensile direction test of electrode cables and wires

CorTec’s electrodes act as direct interfaces to the brain or to peripheral nerves. In order to protect the sensitive neural tissue as much as possible, the material of the electrodes must not be too thick or stiff. At the same time, however, it must also be ensured that the products withstand the stress in the body.



Electrostimulation with CorTec Cuff Electrodes Inhibits New-onset Autoimmune Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease for which no causal cure exists to date. The only treatment method available consists of closely monitoring blood sugar levels and injecting insulin several times a day. This treatment, however, does not eliminate the cause of the disease, has to be kept up for the patient’s whole life, and comes with frequent complications, as blood sugar levels can reach critical levels when insulin injections are not optimally adjusted.



Pictures of the year

Our pictures of the year don’t come from just anyone. Each one is the work of one of our employees who have documented a variety of events in our daily work throughout the year.

After moving to our new building, we have launched the CorTec Photo Challenge: All employees are called upon to photograph in their working environment topics that in their view represent CorTec.


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