Live-Vortrag von Leigh Hochberg und Philipp Kellmeyer an Harvard Medical School

The next event in the course of the Neuroethics Seminar series at Harvard Medical School will take place on Thursday, 3rd of December.

Topic of this edition are Brain-Computer-Interfaces (BCI) – also called Brain-Machine-Interfaces (BMI)  – that allow paralyzed persons to regain autonomy in daily routine by controlling wheel chairs or other assistive devices by the power of thougth.

The BMI researchers Leigh Hochberg from Harvard Medical School and Philipp Kellmeyer from the Medical Center, University of Freiburg, who is also one of the scientific collaboration partners of CorTec are discussing the latest results of their research and also ethical questions that are related to the use of such new technologies.

The lectures can be followed on live stream starting from 16.30h local time (22.30h MEZ). Thomas I. Cochrane is moderating the event.

Watch the event on Live-Stream