Congress of European Neurology: Increase of neurological diseases

These days the Joint Congress of European Neurology takes place in Istanbul. In the European Year of the Brain which the European Brain Council (EBC) has procalimed for 2014, neurologists emphasise an increase of neurological diseases.

According to EBC surveys, over 200 milion people in Europe with increasing tendency are suffering from partly serious neurological diseases which limit the quality of life of those affected as well as of their relatives. Furthermore, the dieases cause economic costs of more than 300 billion Euro.

To address this development, the chairmen of the congress programme committee Prof. Gustave Moonen (University Lüttich, Belgium) and Prof. Jacques L. De Reuck (University Hospital Gent, Belgium)  emphasise the necessity to take transnational action sowohl as well in health policy as especially in neuroscientific research.


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