CorTec Is Partnering Up With Industry and Research

Dear Neurotech Community,

we are happy to announce that CorTec has decided to provide our Brain Interchange technology to support the development of new neurotheraputical applications. The development of new approaches in neurotherapy has increasingly taken up speed in the past 3 years. CorTec seizes the opportunity of this positive trend to partner up with industry and research.

“While CorTec alone could only focus on the development of one application, this way we can assist in the development of many applications”, comments founder and CEO Jörn Rickert on the company’s decision. With its high-channel recording and stimulation capability plus its customizable software that can run on powerful external devices, CorTec Brain Interchange is particularly suited for the emerging phase of researching how to read and write the language of the human brain.

From regaining movement control in paralysis to curing severe mental disorders to the treatment of diabetes or arthritis, researchers world-wide are making groundbreaking progress by communicating with the nervous system in its own language of tiny electrical impulses: Kristoffer Famm and his team at newly formed Galvani Bioelectronics, a joint venture between GlaxoSmithKline and Google’s Life Science Spin-off Verily, develop a whole range of novel treatments by stimulating specialized tiny nerves in the body.  Start-up companies like Synchronmed and G-Therapeutics develop innovative brain machine interfaces for prosthetics control. Also the established field of deep brain stimulation for treatment of Parkinson’s and other diseases is under refinement. “Closed-loop DBS is the logical future for brain neuromodulation.” states Kelly D. Foote, Co-Director of the University of Florida Movement Disorders Center in his paper on DBS for Tourette.

We are prepared to combine our technical and application expertise with the results of research to deliver the technology for new ways of therapy. Next to the closed-loop Brain Interchange system our °AirRay® electrode as well as our Hermetic encapsulation technology play an important role in the use of the system as a component. The ceramic Hermetic encapsulation protects the sensitive electronics of the implant from external influences. The flexible °AirRay® electrode technology allows stimulation and simultaneous recording of signals. Our Products and Know-How together build the interface to industry, researchers and clinics that combines biological understanding with technological specifications.

Following highest standards, all areas of work strictly comply with our certified quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 13485. All core manufacturing steps are carried out in our certified cleanrooms in-house.


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